Schmorp's POD Blog a.k.a. THE RANT
a.k.a. the blog that cannot decide on a name

This document was published 2015-06-04 12:45:02, and since then has not been materially modified.

Schmorp's New Blog

Finally, the time has come for me to have a blog, years after it was a cool thing to have, but that's me.

Unfortunately, although I planned to have a blog for years where I would tell you how to write a hardware vt100 emulator in Perl and similarly exciting things, I didn't plan to do it so early (cough), but my hand was forced by some rather sad affair.

So, welcome to my blog (you can call it "THE SCHPLOG"). In the coming days, you can hopefully read about the sad parts, followed by much more entertaining and happier things.


Of course, I had to design my own blog software, which is reflected in the (at least current, but probably permanent) lack of eye candy (read as: emphasis on content).

It uses POD

POD is a bit limited, but it will have to do, as it alows me to quickly and painlessly write my stuff using my favourite text editor, vim. And yeah, the link in this paragraph is merely to test linking.

It does not currently need ECMAScript

This is considered a feature.

It does not currently use ECMAScript

This is not actually a feature - I sometimes like to goof around with js, so at some point, I might add some interactivity with it. Then again, I don't have time, so maybe not.

No (web) comment function

You can comment, also public, but not directly on these webpages. I'm not strictly against some kind of inline commenting, but at this time, no, not yet.